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chasing_thewind's Journal

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19 April
Hi, guys! this is chasing_thewind here. Um.. well, this is my first time trying to use a livejournal, so I'll do my best. Few things you should know about me:
1) I love writing. This is very important. I love writing stories, writing poetry, writing essays and paper, all writing. That's partly why I'm here, on livejournal.
2) I like K-pop. Like isn't the correct word, actually, more like completely and utterly obsessed. From Super Junior to Infinite, MBLAQ to B.A.P., Jay Park to B2ST... love them all.
3) I always welcome critic. As long as it's not mean, I think that all constructive criticism is helpful and necessary for improvement. So if you spot something off or want to say something, let me know.
4) My favorite color is sapphire blue. Can anyone guess the reason?
5) I play the piano and the flute. I've been playing the piano since I was five and the flute since I was ten. I suppose you can call me one of those music nerds, but I'm not completely dedicated to it, I'm more into writing and such.
Cool. Well, time to get down to business, eh? Awesome, cheers y'all!

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